Episode 6 - Hannah Meadows, Suddenly Mummy & an alternative Christmas Message from a special guest.

December 21, 2016

In a, hopefully, Christmassy episode Scott & I meet Suddenly Mummy and talk Foster Care finances and unionisation and Hannah Meadows raises the issue of Self Care.

Is 'Self Care' a rational approach to caring for children who have experience loss and trauma or just namby pamby fluff and nonsense? We ask the questions so you don't have to.

As always Scott adds wisdom, insight and banter. 

We finish with an alternative Christmas message from a very special mystery guest. 

I appologise for the coughs, Internet bother, ringtones and general chaos as we experimented with the tecnology to have three way conversations. 

I hope you have a smashing Christmas break.

Here's the links for more info. 

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@gayadoptiondad    gayadoptiondad.com

@suddenly_mummy suddenlymummy.blogspot.co.uk

@sallydwrites          sallydonovan.co.uk

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