The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Episode 136 -We discuss the ongoing Adoption Murder Trial

May 7, 2022

In this episode we discus the news last week of the two adoptive parents on trial for murdering Leiland-James Corkill. Though there's limited information we discuss what is an emotive case that I'm sure many people are following with horror and shock. This is an upsetting case so certainly may not be for everyone, we reflect on social work and what may influence people to act in this way. Obviously, there limited information and we don't cover every aspect of this but will likely return when the Serious Case Review is completed in the future. 

Before we discuss the case we catch up on a few things and discuss our children wanting to access their files as well as a the usual bantz. 

As always if you’ve experience of adoption, Fostering or special guardianship from any perspective and would like share that on the podcast please get in touch through the Facebook or twitter page or email us at

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