The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Episode 79 - LGBT History Month, a chat with Tris and Scott

February 1, 2020

It’s LGBT history months so we thought we’d add our bit and Al has a chat with Scott and his husband Tris about their perspectives and experience of being amongst the cohort of adoptive same sex couples in the mid 2000s. They straddle a time before that was a possibility and we discuss their journey as well as some of their positive as well as less positive experiences being adoptive parents. We also chat about the implications for them as a family as they encounter and visit other cultures and countries and precautions they take to keep the children and themselves safe.

We start with a chat about the BT Halo advert, the language used and the following twitter storm and response from different parts of the adoption community. 

Finally, we reveal that we’re chairing a RAA’s first year anniversary conference on the 4th April for Adoption East Midlands, until the end of Feb its open to families from that area, after that anyone can attend if there’s space. BOOK HERE The conference is going to cover a range of issues that are ever present including contact, developing children’s resilience and adopter resilience. There will also be discussion in relation to school support and peer mentors within the adoption community. Take a look here and if you’re free then we’d love to see you  as well as the night before when we’re having the Adoption and Fostering Podcast Pub Quiz (details to follow).

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