The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Podcast Special - Adoption UK Scotland’s FASD Hub

January 11, 2020

Hello, in what was a rather unusual turn of events we were asked to showcase through the medium of Podcasting the work that the FASD Hub Scotland do. We aren’t always that helpful but the work that the Hub does is progressive and offers an excellent practice model and as such we were more than happy to chat to the team. The Hub is linked to Adoption UK Scotland’s work however the advice and some of the resources available through the website are helpful and of use to families regardless.

 In the podcast Aily Brown the FASD lead co hosts with Scott and they introduce the Hub and the work that is undertaken. Scott also takes time to speak to a few professional and parents(Jessica, Judith and Jen) that have roles in the hub as well as a parent (Gemma) that has received support through the services that the Hub provides.

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You can access The Hub website here FASD Hub Scotland.

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