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WednesdayWebcast - Kinship Care Week with Dr Paul Shuttleworth

October 7, 2021

It's kinship care week so we asked Dr Paul Shuttleworth to come onto the #WednedsayWebcast to discuss his work and the subject of his research.  Though Paul works for a range of organisations he's focusing on his Thesis: What matters to children living in kinship care: "another way of being a normal family"

You can read it here

We cover a lot of ground and it's full of the usual banter and humour but the discussion raises interesting conversations around the hierarchy of care, family culture, death, adversity and the nature of kinship care. 

As always if you’ve experience of adoption, Fostering or special guardianship from any perspective and would like share that on the podcast please get in touch through the Facebook or twitter page or email us at

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